Raising donations and selling jewellery in support of the Tuareg people of Timbuktu.
A charitable fair trade initiative in partnership with the Tuareg artisans of Timbuktu

Timbuktu fair trade vision

Tuareg artisans of Timbuktu trade successfully in local and global markets with improved capacity to meet demands for their Fair Trade products.

Centuries ago, the fabled city of Timbuktu was a crossroads of learning and trade. Merchants transported salt, gold and artisan goods to Europe, Africa and the Far East.

Timbuktu artisans, with their heritage of design and craftsmanship, produce high quality fair trade goods, but the city is no longer a major trading hub, and is now stranded on the edge the Sahara Desert.

While the people are strong and resourceful, and their cultural heritage endures, their future is threatened through poverty, isolation and global warming.

Our visit to Timbuktu in February 2008 inspired us to establish Tuareg Relief, our registered UK charity and its fair trade arm, Jump4Timbuktu.

Working with Artisans in Timbuktu, our vision is to develop a sustainable future, based on fair trade, for the people of Timbuktu through initiatives to strengthen livelihoods and fair trade within both the local and global marketplace.

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Vision to reality

Within three years our vision is for Jump4Timbuktu to become a must visit website for consumers seeking to purchase an fair trade jewellery gift.

A turnover of £100,000 would generate sufficient fair trade income for the Timbuktu artisans, and profits to invest in sustainable projects, to radically improve economic and social conditions within Timbuktu and the outlying Tuareg villages.

Such fair trade livelihoods would be sufficient for individual families to afford the health and educational services that are essential to human well being.

A turnover of £1million would have a transformational effect, with our fair trade vision for Timbuktu fully realised.

When you purchase an item of jewellery from Jump4Timbuktu, you are directly supporting the Tuareg artisans to trade their way out of poverty; your fair trade purchase helps to create a sustainable future for their unique culture and heritage.

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Tuareg man in Timbuktu (click to enlarge)

"We made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another" The Quran

Tuaregs dancing in Timbuktu (click to enlarge)

Community dance in the butcher's quartier in the historic centre of Timbuktu.